Are you paying too much for your mortgage?

Published: 28/06/2021

If you took out a fixed term mortgage and you have noticed that your monthly payments are suddenly fluctuating every month, this could be the biggest indication that you are currently sitting on the lenders standard variable rate.
Due to the current economic climate, re-mortgage rates are at historically low levels which means that homeowners could save hundreds of pounds simply by switching their mortgage provider.

Here at Elysian Finance, we like to contact existing clients 6 months before expiry, so our clients have ample time to arrange a new mortgage lender or product.
At this stage we can get a clear indication of what the current lender is offering to retain business, then we will source the market for not only cheaper products but potentially products more relevant to individual circumstances.

With our help, often your monthly payments should decrease at the end of your initial benefit period as you decrease your existing mortgage balance and drop into lower loan to value brackets, but this is very much dependant on prevailing interest rates at the time.