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Rent Guarantee Insurance Policy

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No one wants to think about worse case scenarios. Job losses, illness, bereavement or other unforeseen factors can affect a tenant’s ability to pay their rent. 

We recommend referencing all tenants and where tenants pass this process, the Landlord has the option to take out the Homelet rental insurance policy.

The Landlord will benefit from:

  • A maximum of 4 months’ rent within a 6 month guarantee period and a maximum of 5 months’ rent within a 12 month guarantee period of rent paid in arrears
  • Homelet’s average time from arrears to eviction is circa 156 days, national average is circa 300 days
  • Homelet’s new policy has no excess -Homelet will serve the Section 8 notice for possession having reviewed the tenancy paperwork and provided that the tenant is two months in arrears.
  • If the tenancy agreement allows, they will also serve a Section 21 for no fault eviction in case the tenant clears the arrears before the court hearing.
  • Homelet will arrange and pay for the court hearing and for an advocate to be present to represent the landlord and Homelet.
  • Homelet will administer all of the court paperwork -Homelet will arrange for a bailiff to attend to the eviction