Do you need a mortgage Adviser?

Published: 30/09/2021

When we speak to people, this question does come up.

There are so many comparison websites around that it seems like the easiest and sometimes cheapest option but that’s not the case.

As part of Legal and General mortgage club, we have access to thousands of deals that comparison sites don’t have and simply do not know about.
A mortgage adviser will also do a lot of work behind the scenes before and after a mortgage application is submitted. They will spend the time researching the market, checking your eligibility and will spend time that you possibly wouldn’t have on the phone and completing paperwork.

By using a broker, you have full advice on the product that is best for you and your situation taking the stress out of you navigating through products on comparison sites that you may not be eligible for. They will also be on hand to guide you if any issues occur.

In addition, you have the peace of mind that mortgage brokers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which mean there is less risk to use and adviser than doing this by yourself.