Mortgage payment break advice

Published: 09/04/2020

Over the last few weeks, We have been offering advice to our clients, landlords & our local community during this difficult time

We’ve had many landlords worried about their tenants ability to pay rent, But we luckily have access to all major lenders and are quickly able to advise on the method to request a mortgage payment break. (without the need to call direct which is taking between 1-3 hours with some lenders customer service centres)

We can also calculate the effect that this break will have on your mortgage.

In some cases we have managed to save landlords up to £400 per month by advising on the mortgages available to them as they had entered their own lenders Standard Variable Rate unnecessarily.

The same has been done & can be said for residential homeowners, If you have been put on Furlough or seen a drop in your income due to limited access e.g. Estate agents, Surveyors, Face to Face sales jobs or the self-employed, its time to check what relief is available to you so that you can protect your future.

DO NOT suffer alone, Mortgage Payment Breaks do not affect your credit rating and they are available to help you during this pandemic