Protection is Key

Published: 24/05/2020

We have been having a lot of conversations around protection during the pandemic.

Our specialist consultant has been giving advice around all policies available and providing tailored plans to suit everyone.

At Elysian Finance we ensure all customers receive an excellent level of attention when it comes to their finances, guiding them throughout the initial process to help them buy their home as well as offering them support after the purchase has been agreed to make sure the right steps are taken to keep their home and family safe.
By speaking to an insurance specialist, our clients have the possibility of reviewing their current policy and/or their employment benefits, making sure they have the appropriate level of protection.

On multiple occasions, we happened to identify customers, who thought they were paying into a plan which would have kept themselves and their loved ones safe, then to find out there were small areas of shortfall which they wished to cover. Sometimes, also finding cheaper and more comprehensive options (as insurance companies update their products fairly frequently

It's always worth checking whether you have sufficient cover in place