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A Message To The Housing Industry

The housing industry has reacted with enormous agility to the extraordinary circumstances presented by COVID-19. Its determination to keep building, repairing, buying and selling the homes our country needs has been a crucial part of the economic response to COVID-19. 

The resurgence in infections and hospitalisations means that a new set of measures is required with effect from 5 November. We must all adhere to these new measures, which will help save lives. We can all play our part in ensuring that building and repairing homes can continue safely during this period and that people can buy, sell and move home. 

House building – and its supply chains – should continue working securely. The Government is clear that work can continue if this is done in line with public health guidance. Construction and other site workers can go to work. Care should be taken to respect social distancing while travelling to and from work as well as in the workplace. 

Earlier this year, the Government worked with the industry to produce a clear and simple Charter on safe working. The Charter remains as applicable today as it was when it was published. Updated Site Operating Procedures have been published by the Construction Leadership Council and must be followed. 

Buying, selling and renting a home can continue, in a COVID-secure way, as it has in recent months. Estate and letting agents can operate, show homes and sales suites can remain open and property viewings, mortgage valuations and surveys can take place. Our guidance on moving home must be followed. 

Home repairs and maintenance can continue. There is Government guidance on working in other people’s homes and the FMB has published guidance on carrying out building work

It is essential that building safety remediation work continues, too. MHCLG has written to local authority leaders emphasising that vital building safety work should continue as we prepare for, and move into, any future stage of the pandemic. 

We are committed to supporting the sector through this emergency to continue working safely to build, buy and sell the homes we all need 

Please find the latest guidance from the Government and relevant industry bodies